Aims and values

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Dallow Primary School is part of the Chiltern Learning Trust (CLT). The Trust has an agreed statement on vision, beliefs and values which is shared by all the three schools.

Vision Statement

To be schools where high achievement and access for all are our shared responsibilities by ensuring excellence in:

  • the academic achievements of our learners
  • our innovative approaches to supporting learning and achievement for all
  • the care and commitment we show to our learners and our wider community
  • our contribution to the development of learning beyond our own schools
  • the opportunities we give our young people to become confident and responsible global citizen

Beliefs and Values

We will:

  • keep a clear focus on learning, achievement and standards as measured by performance in tests and examinations
  • strive for excellence in all aspects of our work
  • value individuals and welcome diversity
  • promote access and help people understand what we are trying to achieve
  • work in partnerships to improve the school and the system
  • celebrate our successes
  • continually challenge ourselves to improve on our previous best
  • develop a global dimension to our work
  • be creative in our approaches to enabling all children and young people to succeed in our schools and beyond
  • keep abreast of new initiatives and technologies to effectively support learning.