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Pupil Premium 2015/16

Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG


Amount of PPG received per pupil


Total amount of PPG received



Outcomes for Pupil premium Pupils 2016

·         At the end of the Foundation stage 10% more pupil premium children achieved a GLD than non-pupil premium (75% of pupil premium children achieved GLD compared to 65% of non-pupil premium children).

·         In the Year 1 Phonics Screening the pupil premium children outperformed the non-pupil premium children with 82% of pupil premium compared to 73% non-pupil premium reaching the required phonics standard.

·         At the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) the pupil premium pupils outperformed the non-pupil premium pupils in all 3 areas – reading, writing and maths.

·         At the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) pupil premium pupils performed the same as non-pupil premium pupils in writing but not as well in maths and reading.


Summary of spending 2015/16

Key priorities


·         To raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding in English and maths so that there is no significant gap between PP and non PP pupil outcomes for 2016.

·         To enhance provision to improve progress across the core subjects.

·         To enhance wider opportunities to enable pupils to develop confidence, skills independent and collaborative skills across the curriculum.


Actions 2015/16




To support parents of PP pupils in parenting skills & school work support

Family Worker to support parents of PP pupils





To provide parents with appropriate equipment to support home learning

Provide home learning packs for pupils so that they have the resources to support home learning.





To ensure PP pupils are healthy and able to engage in learning


Provide a free breakfast club

Fund free school milk for all PP pupils

Run healthy cooking/eating classes for parents

Provide swimming tuition in Year 4




To enable PP pupils to complete their homework

Run additional homework clubs for pupils whose parents are unable to support at home




To support those PP pupils who are at risk of underachieving (Y6)

Run booster classes –After school & Holiday Clubs to allow pupils to focus on & improve their skills, knowledge & understanding in reading, writing, GPS & maths



To widen PP pupils experiences of the wider world

Funding for PP pupils educational visits

Visitors & inspirational speakers into school to enhance the book curriculum/learning


To improve maths outcomes

Activities & resources for the Inspire Maths programme (Singapore maths) to improve maths outcomes across the school


To improve pupil oracy

Work with RV Consultant to support teachers planning and teaching of English (oracy) – 8 days


To support those PP pupils who are at risk of underachieving

Run intervention groups across the school in English & maths that will improve rates of progress & attainment for target group PP pupils.

1:1 tuition


To develop social skills, confidence and wellbeing for identified PP pupils

Inclusion Team TAs to support identified pupils


To improve the % of PP pupils who achieve the national standard in phonics by the end of Year 1/KS1

Read, Write Inc resources & training


To provide training/CPD for staff so that they can support an improvement in achievement for PP pupils

Appropriate & specific CPD aimed at improving outcomes for all PP pupils – especially around reading, phonics & writing.


To ensure high quality resources for all Intervention groups /sessions

As appropriate for topic, maths & English resources including the purchase of Chromebooks


To ensure that all PP pupils have access to the broad  music curriculum

Purchase of specialists from the Luton Music Service


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