Special Educational Needs (SEND)

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Special Educational Needs (SEND)

At Dallow Primary School we value individuals, welcome diversity and believe in achievement, ambition and progress for all children. In order to do this, many steps are taken to support children through their learning journey. High quality teaching is vital; however for some children there are occasions when further additional support may be needed to help them achieve their targets.

There is an emphasis on early identification of needs through supportive and preventative strategies which reduce barriers to learning.

We work in a flexible way to develop effective partnerships with children and their parents/carers, staff and external agencies to ensure that the school can meet a broad range of special educational needs and foster a culture of lifelong learning and independent living skills for all children.

Access provision for those with disabilities

As a school we are always happy to discuss individual access arrangements. Parts of our school building are accessible (ramps) by wheelchair There are some toilets on the premises suitable for those who have disabilities The school has been assessed for its safety and amendments made to highlight potential hazards for pupils with visual impairments. We currently have a sound system installed to support pupils with hearing impairments. We use PECS with visual timetables for pupils with communication needs.

Parents of children whose language is not English are supported by our Family Workers who speak a number of community languages. In addition we have a large number of staff who speak other languages. A scheme of Young Interpreters will be implemented from Sept 2014 to support those pupils who have no English when they join us. We have access to EMAS UK – Talking Tutor / Two Can Talk translation software. 

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