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At Dallow, our school rewards system ePraise, gives your child the opportunity to see how well they are doing at school. When they do a great piece of work, or are improving in particular areas of school, then they get rewarded praise points by their teachers. Pupils can earn praise points from every area of school life, not just in lessons. Pupils are awarded automatic praise points for 97% or above attendance every week. It is linked to our school house system, helping to booster friendly competition between students and staff alike.

Pupils have an ePraise account which they can access from a computer or handheld device. From this they will be able to see how many points they currently have and for what reason. Parents can also access ePraise to see your child's achievements; parents need to make sure that the school has your personal email address for you to access the epraise system and log in. 

A guide for parents is available. Please click here

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