Geography and History

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Geography lesson

Through Geography and History we aim to help the children understand the world in which they live in the context of both the past and the present. Both of these subjects are taught through our book curriculum topics so that the children cover a wide but relevant and balanced curriculum.

We aim to balance the teaching of key geographical skills (drawing maps, orienteering and completing field studies) and developing knowledge and understanding of the word. This is done by comparing and contrasting different locations, investigating change using key vocabulary and asking/ responding to key questions. The children are, also, taught to appreciate and care for their environment and are made aware of issues of global concern

We understand the need for children to explore and investigate the world around them and this starts with our school and our local environment.  It continues across the school to include trips to various different locations ranging from Dell Farm to Southend.

We encourage our children to learn about Ancient and Modern History through role play, mini projects, reading and trips to living museums and different places. As with Geography learning about the past and how it has impacted the present is done through our book based curriculum. The books within our curriculum have been chosen to support the breadth of study outlined in the National Curriculum and as a school we have found that enriching our children’s learning with stories support the learning of our pupils.

We understand that children need to have a firm understanding of chronology (times and dates) as well as the ability to explore using enquiry skills.