Personal Health & Social Education

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Girls talking at break time

We believe that every child at Dallow should develop personally, emotionally and socially. In PSHE we help children learn how to think for themselves, take responsibility, and reflect on their views and actions. They learn how to understand others and how they think, develop the ability to use setbacks as an opportunity to learn, build up their self-esteem, become more assertive and set themselves realistic but challenging objectives and goals.

Our school is committed to building strong links with the wider community, and to providing a better service to the community that we serve. The subject of PSHE provides an ideal way to enable these links to be made. We regularly invite people into our school and we maintain strong links with community groups.

Dallow is a values based school. Values have been selected by staff and parents as those that are important to our school community and which will be important throughout our pupil’s lives. The values are intended to support the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our pupils.

Each month a new value is introduced through values lessons and assemblies.